Printables & Graphics

Support your tasting events with printable signage, find useful information, track your goals, and access brand imagery all in one place.



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Additional Resource Links

Business Cards

Create your own viaONEHOPE business cards with customized templates through VistaPrint and get 20% off your total order.



Create and customize invitations, shareables and more with this easy mobile app.

Watch the Photofy tutorial here.



Find all shareables for all different use cases in our Google Drive. 


clawback commissions

On the occasion that a customer refuses to pay for purchased items or cancels an order that commission has already been paid on, a CEO's earning statement will be adjusted to reflect those returns. These are called "clawback commissions." Use this spreadsheet to track amounts that have been removed from your earning statements in these instances.


Catalog Pricing Stickers

We apologize for the pricing error on page 5 of the Spring/Summer 2018 Catalog. The pricing should be $240 for a full case. Download and print this template on the Avery 5160 Easy Peel Address Labels.


Donation Links

Have your host fill out the event donation form, when applicable, to receive their 10% donation to either a local cause-of-choice, or one of ONEHOPE's causes. You can also track donations made through the online spreadsheet.


Bottle Shots

Find stand-alone or lifestyle shots of the bottles through the buttons below.


promotional videos

Snag and send links to any of the promotional videos found in our Google Drive for marketing or outreach.