Event 101

Feel confident before your next event! Follow these general guidelines and be sure to check out the resource section at the bottom of this page for more of everything you need to prepare.

6 Steps for a Successful Tasting Event


The day of your tasting event, send a gentle reminder to your host of your arrival time. Also, suggest that the host place all white and rosé wines in a fridge or cooler. Gather all needed materials beforehand so you're feeling confident and prepared. Refer to the checklist below for suggested items to bring to the tasting event.



Once you arrive, let the host know what to expect. Explain the set-up and review the "flow," or rough agenda, of the tasting event. Refer to the video above, and Steps 3-5 below, for a recommended "flow" for your tasting events.

Remind the host that the main goal of the event is to raise money for their cause of choice, and that they will earn up to 12% in uncapped host rewards - just for fundraising and having fun!



Greet guests with a glass of Sparkling Brut and encourage everyone to mix and mingle. Break the ice and get to know the guests by asking these suggested questions:

  • "How do you know the host?"
  • "Where are you from / where do you live?"
  • "Which charitable cause are you most passionate about?"

These questions will help provide some insight into the guests in attendance, so you can connect and get to know them better. These questions also give insight into their interests and hobbies (perhaps they met the host at book club, church mommy group or rock climbing at the gym) and it can further help you understand who is in attendance (mommy friends, neighbors, work colleagues, family, etc.).



Thirty minutes in to the event, or when the majority of guests arrive, gather everyone together to begin the tasting portion of the event. At this time, you can thank the host, introduce yourself and begin the ONEHOPE Welcome. Remember to follow your BLISS to help jog your memory of important talking points.



Get to know the guests even more during this important step by asking more questions, such as:

  • "Are you ordering this wine for a special occasion?"
  • "Do you prefer white or red wine?"
  • "How often do you enjoy wine with family and friends?"
  • "Do you have any upcoming birthdays, graduations and/or anniversaries?"

These questions will give you insight into their wine needs and preferences, and allow you to make a connection with them so you can offer great personal service.

TIP: Make these notes directly on the order form, so you can easily reference it later. This will be useful later when you want to reconnect with your customer with a follow-up call and/or email. Write down anything interesting that you learned, such as where they live, occupation, wine preferences, preferred charitable causes, upcoming events they may have mentioned, etc.



After the tasting event, be sure to place orders within 24 hours, so orders process quickly, and the customer receives the best possible experience (quick shipping and easy ordering!). Reference the how-to video below for guidance on how to place a customer order.

During this time, it's also important to schedule your follow-up with these event customers. This is key to offering great customer service and an overall fabulous customer experience. Make a note in your calendar for one week after the tasting event to make follow-up calls with each of the guests.

Looking for Inspiration?

Head to the Event Inspiration page for theme ideas and suggestions to correspond with ongoing marketing campaigns and holidays.


Case for a Cause Table Display

Promote sales for Cases for a Cause 6-bottle and 12-bottle options with this cute and frame-able table display! Select the C4C display signage of your choice – with or without shipping costs included. Set this up next to your pouring or checkout stations for greatest visibility. 


After the Event


Follow the instructions below to process the 10% donation from the tasting event:

  • When closing out an event in the party portal, click the "This Form" link under Step 5.
  • Only one donation check can be sent to one non-profit organization per event.
  • 10% of Case for a Cause sales and gift sets of $49 or more are eligible for the 10% donation.
  • The 10% donation is manually calculated by the CEO and includes retail price of eligible products sold (does not include tax and shipping).
  • Donation checks from the previous month are mailed out on the 10th of the following month. You can also reference the event donation tracker for a full list of donations updated monthly.


How to properly close out a party:

  • Redeem host rewards within three weeks of the actual event date.
  • Click “Close Party” in step 6 of the Party Portal within three weeks of actual event date.

*Reminder: Parties automatically close three weeks after the actual event date, at which point you won’t be able to access the host rewards, and you won’t be able to manually click step 6 in the Party Portal. Please be sure to do the two steps mentioned above to ensure that you close out your parties correctly.

Event Materials


Important Materials:

  • Starter Kit Wines (at least 6 Core Collection varietals - throw in a few Reserve bottles for more variety!)
  • Catalogs
  • Host Planners
  • Opportunity Brochures
  • viaONEHOPE Folder
  • Clipboard
  • Order Forms
  • Pens
  • Wine Key
  • Smart Neckers
  • Wine Pourers
  • Event Pricing Sheet
  • Featured Wine List

Optional Items:

  • Ice Bucket
  • Gift Set
  • Tablecloth
  • Plastic Cups
  • Mini Brut


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