In honor of April being Autism Awareness Month, we are kicking off a celebration of one of our most popular varietals with the #CabernetCan campaign! At ONEHOPE, #CabernetCan do amazing things. Sales of our California Cab and Napa Reserve Cab help provide ABA therapy for children with autism. This campaign is an opportunity to talk more about the very important work that our cause partner Act Today! does.

Additionally, the campaign is an opportunity to celebrate the power of this mega-popular grape. Because in addition to doing good, #CabernetCan pair beautifully with steak, #CabernetCan help start a conversation, #CabernetCan help a local Napa farmworker, and more. 

 So how can you get involved? Here are some steps to get started: 

  1. Download and share some of THESE IMAGES on social media. Don't forget to use these hashtags to join our conversation and possibly get a repost on our @viaONEHOPE account!
    • #CabernetCan
    • #WhatCanYourCabDo?
    • #ShowUsYourCab          
  2. Spruce up your social media profiles with these awesome COVER PHOTOS
  3. Invite your friends and others in your network to host a #CabernetCan event in April that raises funds for either Act Today! or another autism-focused non-profit. Be sure to print out this 1-Sheeter for your event!