Fast Start

As a new CEO, you are eligible to earn rewards and additional prizes when you book events and recruit other new CEOs in your first 60 days upon joining viaONEHOPE. Within your first week, get to know the Fast Start Program by scheduling a coaching call with your upline mentor and reviewing all the resources here in VIA U.

There are two ways you can earn Fast Start Rewards during your first 60 days as a CEO:


How You Earn Points

  • Earn $100 in Fast Start Rewards for every 2 qualified events held within your first 60 days.
    • Qualified Event: An event that has a minimum of $300 in sales and closed within the Party Portal in the Back Office.
  • Earn $100 Reward in Fast Start Rewards for every 1 eligible recruit within your first 60 days.
    • Eligible Recruit: A new CEO who signs up within your first 60 days and goes on to hold their own two qualified events.


How to Correctly Close Out an Event

  • Redeem host rewards within three weeks of the actual event date
  • Click “Close Party” in step 6 of the Party Portal within three weeks of actual event date

*Reminder: Parties automatically close three weeks after the actual event date, at which point you won’t be able to access the host rewards, and you won’t be able to manually click step 6 in the Party Portal. Please be sure to do the two steps mentioned above to ensure that you close out your parties correctly.


What You Earn

Earn the Fast Start Award when you hold and close 6 qualified events and recruit 1 eligible CEO within your first 60 days. Fast Start Award earners will receive:

  • Private happy hour and champagne toast at our annual CRUSH conference
  • Front-row VIP seating at our annual CRUSH conference
  • Exclusive gift
  • Bragging rights!


As a New CEO, you are able to “double dip” and earn points through our
ongoing Business Booster Program! While Fast Start is only for your first 60 days,
the Business Booster Program is ongoing for all qualified CEOs.

ongoing Monthly Rewards

You will accumulate your monthly rewards points until you choose to redeem them, they do not expire. Business Booster Points can be redeemed for any full MSRP priced items in the CEO Shopping Cart. You will still be responsible for any overages, shipping and taxes. You can not apply points to a wine case in the CEO Cellar, Host Packages, or Host Orders. Find the CEO Shopping Cart by logging into the back office and clicking Main Menu > Shopping Cart > CEO Catalog, then adding items to the shopping cart. Items that are eligible for point redemption will be highlighted in pink.


Tracking Your Points

The Business Booster Points will be awarded into your back office by the 5th of the following month. So for example, if you earned $100 in reward points in March by selling $1,500 within the month, you will be awarded those points by the 5th of April. You can view your cumulative points by logging into the back office > General Tools > Reward Points.

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