Host Coaching

Make your event a huge success when you partner with your host to ensure you both have a fun, easy, effective tasting event! The key to host coaching is communication and customer service, so your host feels confident and knows what to expect. Host coaching builds rapport and maintains your relationship, plus it helps increase the potential attendance for your tasting event when you and your host are on the same page. Calm any jittery host nerves by providing support from the very beginning. Staying close to the host and getting to know them personally also gives you an opportunity to talk to them about becoming a CEO.

When and How to Host Coach

Consistently host coaching each week (and with every host!) will help you build a thriving, successful business. Your tasting events will become super fun, efficient, money-making machines!

Schedule host coaching into your weekly calendar so it becomes a habit. One hour of host coaching each week is recommended. During this hour, be sure to reach out to each of your future hosts as you go through the "Connect 4" model, shown below. During this time, you can also follow-up with previous hosts and place host orders.

Connect 4 for Successful Host Coaching

Connecting with your host four times before the tasting event instills rapport and trust between you and your host. After all, you are partnering with her to have a fun event to raise money and make an impact viaONEHOPE!

Remember, a connection = a phone call! Partnering with your host is important and each of the four "connects" below deserves a personal touch.



Start off your partnership with your host with terrific customer service! This means following up with the host, and being thorough, sincere, and professional. During this step, you will also confirm the event date and time, and you can help your host choose the wine for the host package.

Be sure to have an order form on-hand, or be at your computer, so you can capture all the info you need to place the host order.


During this step, explain in detail the host reward and fundraiser components. Collect all information regarding the host's cause of choice: organization name, 501(c)(3) tax ID number, mailing address, point of contact, and know their fundraising goal (i.e. Do they want to raise $200 for the cause? How will the money be used and how will it make an impact in their community?)

Be aware of your verbiage when you're talking about a wine tasting, and use intentional language. For instance, consider calling the event a "wine tasting experience," not a party.

Additionally, at this time you may want to encourage your host to collect outside orders by sharing the catalog and party URL with out-of-state friends and family.



During this reach out, help your host with her guest list. Use the WINENOT List to brainstorm who to invite to the tasting event. Also, discuss with your host which three ways you will send out invites. Using the 3-Touch System will ensure that your tasting event is successful: Choose three invitation methods to help spread the word about the tasting event, such as physical invitations, email, text, phone call, in-person, Facebook, etc.



This last step is all about the wine tasting and helping your host understand what to expect. Paint a picture and walk the host through the event. Ask questions for your reference as well, so you know where you will be setting up, what time you should arrive, what items you need to bring and what the host can provide, etc.

Additionally, ask for a final head count, and encourage the host to continue to share the catalog and party URL with friends and family for outside orders.

Host Coaching TIPS

A rule of thumb is to use open-ended questions with your host. Consider the 2-Option Rule and always offer two options. Here's an example: Would you like to provide me with the guest list or would you like to add them to the invitation yourself?

Coach your host to reach the $500, $1K and $2K goals as those thresholds hold even more host rewards! Remember that host rewards are uncapped, which is very exciting and a great tool to use as encouragement.

5 Steps to Hosting

Share these steps with your host to help he or she prep for the big day. For more details, see the video tutorials in the resource section below. 



Set a date, time and location. There's no "perfect" date that will work for everyone on your host's list, so choose something that best fits within her/his personal schedule.

Once you have the date and time, schedule the tasting event in your back office. Reference the how-to video below for more guidance.



Help the host choose a 501(c)3 non-profit of their choice - either local, national or global. 10% of sales will benefit the host's non-profit cause of choice.

Ask your host for the following information regarding the the non-profit:
- Organization Name
- 501(c)3 Tax ID Number
- Mailing Address
- Name of Recipient or Contact Person (for mailing, if applicable)
- Memo to Include on the Check (if applicable)

Reminder: You will manually calculate and input the donation information after you close out the the tasting event. 



Help your host choose a half or full case of mixed varietals of their choice at up to 58% the retail price and half price shipping. These wines will be used at the tasting event and any leftover bottles are for the host to keep and enjoy. Typically, you'll only need 6-7 bottles for the tasting event, so the host can enjoy the remaining bottles for personal use.

After your host chooses the varietals for the event, you can place the Host Order within your Back Office. Reference the how-to video below for more guidance on this step.



Brainstorm with your host about who to invite to the tasting event. Use the #WINENOT list to think of people within different social circles to add to the host's guest list. Encourage your host to invite at least 40 people, which will ensure a successful event with roughly 12-15 guests in attendance.

Create and send an invitation to the host, so she can forward it on to her guest list. Check out our perks partner, Photofy, to easily create viaONEHOPE branded invites.

Using the 3-Touch System will ensure that your tasting event is successful: Choose three invitation methods to help spread the word about the tasting event. Chat with your host and ask which three invitation mediums are best for the people on the guest list. Different mediums of inviting people include mailing invitations, email, text, phone call, in-person, Facebook, etc. Decide which three you will use and schedule them before the tasting event.



This part takes place before, during and after the tasting event. Encourage your host to reach out to any friends and family who can not attend the tasting event. Your host can collect orders before and after the event by sharing the catalog and the unique event link (party URL). This is also a great way for out-of-state family and friends to enjoy ONEHOPE and take part in the fundraiser.


Redeem the host rewards within three weeks of the event date. Your host may redeem host rewards for any wine, gift sets, merchandise or marketplace items. Be sure to close out the party properly within the Party Portal by clicking on "Close Party" in Step 5. Have your fill out the donation form so you can submit the non-profit information.

ONEHOPE will directly mail a donation check to the non-profit on your/your host's behalf.

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