Leader Retreat 2018

Everyone has the opportunity to earn their way to the 2018 Leadership Retreat, which coincides with CRUSH. From January 1st through June 30th, you'll be earning points for some fun awards while on your way to Leadership Retreat. The Leadership Retreat is a 2 day event, starting with a fun filled day at ONEHOPE Winery and Estate 8 in Napa Valley. We'll have a barbecue and hang out by the pool as we enjoy team building, inspiration and fun. Then, get ready to participate in high level leadership and business training on day 2 at the San Francisco Union Square Hilton Hotel.

Incentive Earning Period January 1- June 30, 2018


Prize Level 1

Points Required: 10,000
Award: Set of 2 "Go Vino" Glasses

Prize Level 2

Points Required: 15,000
Award: CRUSH Logo Water Bottle


Prize Level 3

Points Required: 20,000
Award: CRUSH logo Cooler Bag


Prize Level 4

Points Required: 25,000
Award: “CRUSH CASH” $100 towards hotel bill at CRUSH 2018


Prize Level 5

Points Required: 30,000
Award: Attend Leader Retreat

*awards are cumulative, if earn 30,000 points you will earn level 1-5 awards*

How to Earn Points

Personal Sales

  • 1 point for every $1 of PCV



  • Earn 1000 points for each new recruit who goes on to sell $1000 during the incentive period


New Title Promotion

  • Promote to New Title for 1st time (points are 1x only, however they’re cumulative) first time ever, not earning period

  • Senior CEO  = 500 points
  • Director = 1000 points
  • Senior Director = 2000 points
  • Executive Director = 4000 points
  • Senior Executive Director = 8000 points



  • Consistency for Maintaining Title

  • Senior CEO = 500 points/month
  • Director = 1000 points/month
  • Senior Director = 2000 points/month
  • Executive Director = 4000 points/month
  • Senior Executive Director = 8000 points/month

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