Building a team viaONEHOPE is rewarding and fulfilling. We're excited that you're a part of our mission. Below you'll find best practices, instructional information, and resources to help hone your skill as a mentor for your teammates and beyond!

Best Practices


Chat with your upline Director(s) about how to implement the ideas below. We suggest working with your greater team to create synergy and streamline efforts across all channels. For example, join existing team calls and meetings, instead of re-inventing the wheel or putting a lot of effort into something that may already be implemented. Remember: we are better together!

Discuss with your upline the following topics and how to best implement them:

  • Team Name
  • Team Facebook Group
  • Team Calls & Webinars
  • Team Meetings
  • Team Emails & Correspondence
  • Team Recognition, Rewards & Incentives



Disconnecting from electronics and outside stimuli, even if it's for 5 or 10 minutes, can help you find balance. Balance comes in all forms, from reading a novel, to taking a bath, to running 3 miles each morning. As a mentor and leader, you'll want to find your "center," press pause, and re-connect with your "why" from time to time. Taking time to disconnect (from people, electronics, media, etc.) will help you do this.

Disconnecting and practicing self-care is important for leaders because:

  • You become (re)aligned with your purpose, mission and values
  • You re-energize yourself and those around you
  • You can self-reflect and grow as a leader
  • You can address concerns and questions with an open heart & a positive perspective



As a leader, consider adding one hour each week to personal development. Discover, research, and expand your perspective through leadership and educational tools, such as videos, books, workshops, and more. You'll also want to connect with other like-minded individuals and professionals in your area, as well as connect with fellow Directors viaONEHOPE and your Home Office team. All of these can be a great resource for you as you grow your business and your team... and your mind!

We suggest these tried and true online resources to start:


Do 15 by 15

Challenge yourself to reach $1,500 in sales by the 15th of each month. We call this "starting with abundance," or "front loading." We believe this creates a strong, thriving team, and a focused, balanced leader (that's you!). We get it - Life is busy, and it can get messy, but "front loading" your month as a leader is a wise business practice.

Here's why:

  • No end-of-month rush or panic to input orders to qualify for your leadership rank
  • Less anxiety and frustration when/if orders or events cancel
  • You lead by example and become the pace car for your team and your peers

On-Boarding a CEO

Congrats – you've recruited teammates and you are building your dream team. Below are tips to help you coach your new CEOs to success.


CEO Checklist

Remind your new CEO to go through the checklist so they have everything in place to start their viaONEHOPE business.


Fast Start

A great business starts with the basics. Help your teammate understand the Fast Start Program and how to earn their CRUSH Award within their first 60 days. Lay out a plan to help them get to work and to launch successfully.


Back Office

Be patient and point your new CEO in the right direction regarding VIA U and Back Office nuances. The goal here is to walk through several items in the Back Office. Refer to the webinars at the bottom of the Training Calendar page for additional help and guidance.


Making an Impact

Discuss best practices on how to market and discuss the ONEHOPE brand, mission and impact. It's also a great time to show your new CEO how to set-up and close out tasting events, and enter event donations.



Walk your new CEO through the 4 steps to a successful event, and help them set their goals for their Fast Start!


Create a List

Work with your new CEO to brainstorm who they know and fill out the #WINENOT List together. Adding 40 or more names is great place to start - the more people on the list, the higher chance of success!


Book Six

Using their #WINENOT List, it's time for your new CEO to reach out and book! Walk them through the suggested email templates and words to say. Be sure to set small, manageable goals along the way, to help them book their first six events. Refer to the "Launching Your Business" tabs for even more resources.


Build a Team

If your new CEO is interested in growing a team, help them make a list of 20 prospects and reach out to each of them. Remind the new CEO that there are several resources that they can send to their prospect, found in the Recruiting tab.

Regional Meetings

As a Director, consider holding local/regional meetings on a monthly or quarterly basis. Below is a how-to guide to help you conduct fun, innovative, and educational meetings for your team and for regional CEOs. Connect with Home Office to have your regional meetings listed in the Regional Meetings Calendar.


Monthly Local Area Meetings

  • Consistent date, time and location (same location each month; 2nd Tues of each month; etc.)
  • Please use required Eventbrite formatting - click for info
  • Low attendance is normal in the beginning - keep at it and create consistency!
  • Consider charging a small fee ($5-15 depending on venue & costs) to CEOs to cover the overall fees and to also establish “skin in the game” so attendance is high
  • Create Eventbrite page and short link -and- create FB Event if you’d like



  • Share with your team in weekly/monthly communication
  • Share with your friends, family, customers & hosts in weekly/monthly communication
  • Encourage team members to never come alone - always bring a guest!
  • Share the FB Event and/or Eventbrite link in the VIA Community FB Group
  • Post and remind your team in your team FB groups



Ideas and recommendations include:

  • Wine and cups (if needed) 2-3 varietals are recommended; roughly one bottle of each per 12 attendees
  • Food and serving ware (if needed) - Serving trays, bowls, plates, utensils, napkins, etc.
  • Printouts or handouts for CEO training PDFs from VIA U, agenda, checklists, worksheets, etc.
  • Opportunity packets for guests - Folders, opportunity brochure, host planner, catalog, printouts, etc.
  • Electronics & tech items (if needed) - Music, speakers, laptop, chargers/cords, etc.
  • Check-in table and entrance - Raffle tickets, raffle bowl, sign-in sheet, clipboard, decor, marketing materials, etc.
  • Business supplies & misc items - Paper, pens, scissors, tape, flip charts, markers, wine opener, etc.



Raffles are fun and engaging; keep prizes at a minimum to control overhead costs; the price of admission can also cover this cost if you’d like

Great wine resources for your meetings (to provide additional education and training) include:

Workshop-style meetings and interactive brainstorms are best, as it keeps attendees engaged, and helps them retain information (flip charts, printouts, TV/AV come in handy here)

It’s highly encouraged to switch up the “feel” and “flow” of the meetings. One month is more fun/silly, and one month is more structured and agenda-driven. You can also add in quarterly or bi-annual “off site” meetings that are more for networking and getting to each other.

  • Fun Ideas to Mix it Up
    • Wine pairings with cupcake, cookies, candy, etc. (the sky is the limit!)
    • Cocktail ideas and recipes
    • Make your own dream/vision board
    • Guest speaker
    • Potluck - everyone brings favorite appetizer/dish
  • Structured & Agenda-Driven Ideas
    • Booking blitz - bring your list, discuss what to say, make calls together
    • Top tips and ideas from CEOs
    • Roundtable panel discussion
    • “How to” segment
    • Watch a video and discuss/brainstorm
    • Discuss one of the five ways to market your business
    • Words to say, how to approach, etc.
    • Role playing and peer-to-peer practice
    • Breakout/small groups
    • Elevator pitch or 60-second commercial
  • Off-Site Ideas
    • Bowling night
    • Step-by-step painting class
    • Group cooking class
    • Seminar or lecture related to entrepreneurship, business, etc.
    • Volunteer event
    • Visit a local non-profit

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