Marketing your viaONEHOPE business and selling to family, friends and customers is fundamental to your success. Follow these tips and guidelines for getting the word out about your new (or thriving) business. 

Tips & Tricks

Have Your Business Card Handy

Get all set up with new business cards and hand them out to get the word circulating about your new business. Create your own viaONEHOPE business cards with customized templates already designed and available through VistaPrint. Get 20% off your total order!


Share the message

Use our database of social shareables to spread the word about new wine releases, holidays or exclusive promotions. You'll find imagery for a handful of use cases, and it's always getting updated with new options to save and share! Marketing on social media is one of the easiest ways to get the message about your business out to lots of people. Set up your Facebook account with info about your new career, and choose from one of our cover photo options to use as your background display. Explore the promotional videos we have available, then choose your favorites to share with others.


use your winenot list

Think of this tool as a way to make a list of people that you can not only reach out to who might be interested in hosting an event, but also as a tool for marketing. The people you consider potential hosts can also help spread the word about your new business! Even if they don't book a party, they might know someone else who would be interested.