Stephane Luzy, COO

What do you love about working for ONEHOPE? There are many things I love about ONEHOPE! It is a very dynamic, fresh and young fast-growing and cause centric business. That combination makes ONEHOPE unique to me and an enormous source of motivation and pride! But the one thing I like more with ONEHOPE is all its people and the wider community it has created around its vision.

Where were you born and raised?I was born in Paris France. Raised in a small village named Saint Michel 40 Miles South of Lyon in the Rhone Valley

Where do you currently live? Napa, California

Tell us about yourself. I am married to a woman named Maddalena (we got married in Napa last year!) I have two children, Adelaide who lives in Amsterdam and works in the fashion business and Raphael who studies architecture in London. I sometimes miss them as they live thousands of miles away.My parents still live in St. Michel next to my youngest sister, Hortense. My other sister lives in Switzerland. She was in Napa for the New Year!

What's your fave ONEHOPE varietal? The Estate Fumé Blanc

What's is/are the top cause/s that are close to your heart and why? Providing meals to children. I can’t think of something more unfair than a child suffering or dying from starvation.

What's a fun fact about yourself? My French accent

Do you have any hidden talents or sweet skills? I am fluent in 3 languages (French, Italian and English).

What are your hobbies? What are you passionate about? I love good food and good wines so I am very happy to be living in Napa! I love spending time and talking with Maddalena and I love skiing and will sure make it very soon to Tahoe!

Anything else you want to include? The best thing of the last 3 years was to join ONEHOPE!