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Chocoveda truffles are handmade with the finest, organic dark chocolate and other all-natural ingredients. Each piece is infused with a rejuvenating Ayurvedic herbal tonic which has been used to relieve stress, anxiety and insomnia for thousands through the principles of the ancient Indian healing system, Ayurveda. Known for its creamy texture and decadent flavor, Chocoveda truffles elevate your experience to “a higher state of chocolate.” Our hope is to inspire you to your highest potential of happiness through our Ayurvedic vegan chocolate experience.

Enjoy each of the three chocolate truffle gift sets and the experience: Chakra – mantras that guide you in creating balance in your life though the seven energy centers called “chakras,” while carrying positive vibrations of love healing, and peace; Goddess – honor and celebrate the divine qualities within you; and Garden – escape into the serenity, beauty, and healing that nature has to offer with the included meditation guide.


Saavy Naturals


Uniquely and lovingly crafted, Saavy Naturals is a range of artisan body care like no other, with products that surpass “natural,” and are truly food for your skin. Why food? Saavy Naturals was created by two chefs: husband and wife team, Hugo and Debra Saavedra, (maybe you saw them on Shark Tank?) who have been perfecting their body care recipes for decades. Their philosophy has always been that what you put on your body should be as pure as what you put in your body. Saavy Naturals is luxurious and pure – truly “food for your skin” and a “feast for your senses.”

Hugo and Debra make all Saavy products at their very own kitchen-factory to insure the highest quality, using only sustainable, organic (when available), cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO ingredients. Truly a family company, created, owned and operated by Hugo & Debra themselves, their mission is to improve people’s lives by creating the purest, most sensual body care products possible.



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After witnessing the effects of hunger firsthand when traveling as a United Nations World Food Programme Student Spokesperson, Lauren Bush Lauren founded FEED in 2007 with the mission of “Creating Good Products That Help FEED the World.” Every product sold has a measurable donation attached to it, and to date the social business has been able to provide nearly 95 million meals to children and families globally through WFP and Feeding America. FEED has also supported nutrition programs around the world, providing over 3.7 million children with Vitamin A supplements through WFP and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF.

Over the past nine years, FEED has also forged successful partnerships with companies such as Target, Disney, Pottery Barn, Whole Foods, Godiva, TOMS and more. Follow FEED on social at @FEEDProjects.



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Bloom2Bloom is a national floral brand bringing consumers U.S-grown., farm-direct flowers. Whether you pick up your favorite bunch for yourself or share a bouquet with a friend, flowers are a reminder that you are thought of and that you deserve to smile right now. We want to keep that gesture going even after the flowers having bloomed – each Bloom2Bloom purchase helps design a teen’s hospital room through Wish Upon A Teen.


Ink & Tailor

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Ink & Tailor cleverly blends art and apparel, transforming a static image into a fluid work of art meant to be tied, wrapped, and worn all the various ways one can wear a scarf. Each piece is a limited edition and each collection is inspired by the people, places and things captured through a camera lens.



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Premium business cards with several pre-designed templates for you to choose from and to use for your viaONEHOPE business. Simply update with your personal information and go to print! Please note: additional, updated template options coming next year.



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Thoughtfully crafted gifts and accessories that uplift, each with their own individual compliment attached. They seek to make women feel good about themselves, about the gifts they offer the world, and about giving back. Five percent of every purchase goes to the Compliment Scholarship Fund, which supports deserving students in achieving their college dreams. 


Nourish Organic

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Nourish Organic is the world's first USDA-certified organic skin care line. Using purest, USDA-Certified Organic ingredients, Nourish Organic products deliver high performance skincare results. We believe that what you put on your body is every bit as important as what you put in it. We have become "organic beauty pioneers," determined to create the very first line of synthetic chemical-free, environmentally friendly skincare products. We were the first beauty company to ever work with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to create a collection of products so pure they could be certified organic under the same strict standards the government uses to certify food.



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Create, organize and schedule posts, pins and tweets all in one place! CinchShare is a social media marketing software for solopreneurs. You can schedule posts to your Facebook timeline, pages, groups, events and albums. You can also schedule content for your Pinterest & Twitter accounts. CinchShare is a fantastic for Facebook parties, team management, and overall business marketing.