viaONEHOPE Program Changes - July 1, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions


Why are these changes being made to the viaONEHOPE program?

Our goal is to make the viaONEHOPE program as strong as it can be in order to provide a merit-based platform where CEOs can earn an income while making an impact. We’re continually striving to improve our overall program and experience for our field-based representatives, customers, hosts and guests. We constantly receive and address feedback from the field on ideas and suggestions on how to improve our offerings, and that input is reflected in many of the new updates.

In order to keep up with the rising costs of doing business, and to continue to build a sustainable business model with high quality products, ONEHOPE has decided to make these updates to remain competitive and sustainable for the long term. This is the first time in our program history that we are taking a price increase.

Additionally, ONEHOPE subsidizes the cost of every package that leaves our warehouse as a courtesy to our CEOs and our customers. Every year, we negotiate our rates with UPS to ensure that we’re offering the best possible shipping rates. Wine is heavy and expensive to ship, and ONEHOPE will continue to absorb some of the shipping cost for every package we ship.

When will these changes go into effect?

All program changes are effective July 1, 2017.  Please keep in mind this date falls on a holiday weekend, therefore, these updates will be phased out over a period of several days. CEOs may not see a 100% change immediately on July 1st. Please note, if you encounter any issues, please contact We also recommend that you wait to enter orders until July 5th, if possible, to avoid any potential glitches or downtime.

Do these changes affect all of ONEHOPE?

Yes. Other business channels took a price increase nine months ago, and we are now implementing these changes company wide.

Can CEOs and customers in California schedule will call pick-up the warehouse instead of paying for shipping?

Unfortunately, no. Our technology, operations and warehouse facilities are not set up for customers to pick-up from our location.  

What are the shipping rates for Alaska & Hawaii?

We have removed Alaska and Hawaii from our program offering. While we can legally ship wine to these states, unfortunately, the costs as well as state shipping guidelines for wine make it cost prohibitive to extend the viaONEHOPE program in these areas.

Why do CEOs and Hosts have to pay for shipping now?

ONEHOPE can no longer completely subsidise shipping rates for Hosts & CEOs. We are delighted, however, to continue to absorb some of these costs by offering a 50% discount on shipping and offering a flat rate to CEOs and Hosts. It’s important to note, pricing for CEO and Host packages has not been affected, the core collection remains $69 (6 bottles) and $99 (12 bottles), even with the price increase.

Why does it cost the same to ship a half case of wine as it does to ship a full case?

Our shipping costs are the same, regardless of shipping a half case with six bottles, or a full case with 12 bottles. TIP: encourage customers to purchase a full case, so they receive the best value.

My Hosts would prefer a larger local donation instead of more free credit Host Rewards, can they choose that instead?

The overwhelming majority of feedback sent into ONEHOPE asks for 1) better host rewards, and 2) better shipping rates. In order to address these two requests, we had to balance out the overall cost/benefit of making improvements, while still structuring a sustainable business model. With the addition of all gift sets at $49+ being eligible for the host’s cause of choice, we believe this will increase your overall event sales and local donations in the long run.

Will there be new marketing materials, catalogs, host planners etc. with the new pricing/information?

Yes. Our marketing and design teams are updating all printed materials, VIA University and your personal websites/storefronts to reflect these changes.

I already have a wine tasting event booked for July, and my host is expecting the 15% donation. What should I do?

We understand there will be a small period of transition for you and your Hosts as we make the new program updates. If you have a wine tasting event scheduled in the party portal for the month of July, and your host is expecting the 15% donation, we will honor it through the month of July. Please note that these are calculated manually on the “honor system.”

What happened to Auto Sip?

The AutoSip program was suspended as of June 1, 2017. We are currently working on a new and improved program that will better meet the needs of your customers.

I have repeat customers who are used to our current pricing & shipping rates, can they be “grandfathered” into the old pricing structure?

While we appreciate the continued support and repeat business of our customers, we are not able to extend the previous pricing and shipping rates. Our technology has no way of recognizing a customer who may fall into this type of category, and does not allow special pricing/shipping rates to be assigned to a group of customers.  

We understand this may upset some customers, however, we believe the small changes in the program will make our business more enjoyable and sustainable over time. In order to create a long-term, sustainable business model, these small modifications are necessary.

Will we continue to have VIA exclusive gift sets?

No. All gift sets over $49 are now eligible towards the host’s cause of choice. Previously, VIA exclusive gift sets were created to fill this void. Now that most gift sets are eligible for the 10% donation, VIA exclusive gift sets are no longer necessary. However, we will continue to introduce exclusive offerings periodically, as a differentiating benefit for viaONEHOPE (i.e. exclusive varietals, etc.).

  • We will be releasing a new and improved corporate gifting and custom ordering guide once the new catalog is launched in July.
  • Home office will continue to process all gifting orders that are 25+ gifts and the 10% local donation will apply.

  • Custom Gifting Program will remain at a $2,500 minimum purchase and the local donation will apply.

  • Iron Branding Program: When a customer purchases our iron brand for wood items, 10% local donation will apply.

  • Bulk Gifting discounts: We will continue to offer a bulk discount on Pre-Selected Gifts and the 10% local donation will apply.

How will these changes affect the Corporate Gifting/Custom Ordering Program?