Start your dream team viaONEHOPE! Share the mission and your personal story with others and tell them how you're making an income while making an impact. Building a team is rewarding, fun, and great way to layer your income as a Cause Entrepreneur.

The 3-Step Method to Reaching Out

1. build a big list

The first step to reaching out to prospective CEOs and building your team is to brainstorm a list of people who would love to join the viaONEHOPE mission. This list should include at least 40 contacts, but we encourage you to dig deep and think of even more names! The more people you reach out to, the quicker you build your team.


2. warm-up

Introduce viaONEHOPE to the people on your list with a warm-up email or note. A great way to do this is to send a message, text or email with some quick details about why you're reaching out. See suggested copy and email templates here.

3. follow up

The key to building your team is this last step, which can often feel the most daunting. Following up via phone or email is crucial to building rapport with your prospective CEO.

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