Fall Training Tour

We're coming to you to launch the Fall Selling Season! We'll bring to life the training presented at CRUSH and so much more!!

September 8:


September 15:


September 22:


Agenda, location details and registration coming soon!

Le Dîner En Blanc

ONEHOPE has partnered with Le Dîner En Blanc in the U.S. for the 2018 season! 

Le Dîner En Blanc is an exclusive worldwide event, spanning six continents, where people gather in a public space and set up a temporary, chic night of dining and fun. Guests come dressed in white to enjoy quality food and wine. Diners are required to provide their own food, tables, chairs, and tablecloths. 

We are provide two tickets and one bottle of the California Sparkling Brut Gold Shimmer Edition to the events around the country - a $135 value!
*Each person will still have to bring their own food, table, chairs, dishes, tablecloths, napkins, glasses, etc. Travel and accommodations are not provided by ONEHOPE. 

Keep an eye on the VINE to see if Le Dîner En Blanc will be held in your city!

CRUSH 2018 Awards

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 5.10.05 PM.png



  • Sarah Gavigan
  • Heather Kelly
  • Jasmine Rinehart
  • Kristin Matero
  • Christy Pasionek
  • Fiona Porter
  • Heather Sweeney
  • Charla Shaefer
  • Donna Paggi
  • Erin Barrett
  • Cara Bartel
  • Janene Gould
  • Meghan Graham
  • Ania Fiduccia
  • Julia Swankoski
  • Lavonne Robbins
  • Louise Loehwing
  • Jaimie Adler
  • Brittany Cessar
  • Christy George
  • Carissa Reed
  • Jennifer Sabosik
  • Danielle Schaeffer
  • Jennifer DeLaBruere
  • Jodie Williams
  • Stephanie Irey
  • Mike Krsyko
  • Erica O'Connor
  • Jennifer Wells
  • Lisa Goldman
  • Andrea Kelleher
  • Kim Kantra
  • Whitney Hardesty
  • Nicolasa Moreau
  • Tiffany Salisbury
  • Melissa Mace
  • Cheryl St. Clair
  • Sydnee Bagovich
  • Ashley McAteer
  • Kristina Uhland
  • Brandie Coleman
  • Elizabeth DeMaio
  • Ashley Camera
  • Debbie Wall



  • Tracy Manning
  • Kelly Smith
  • Leigh Heckler
  • Meghan Koutros
  • Lyndsey Wilson
  • Blair Wolf
  • Gina Heumann
  • Louise Loehwing
  • Remy Dunphy
  • Michael Krysko
  • Nicole Wilson



  • Tracy Manning
  • Athena Wainscott
  • Laura Demetirou
  • Kendra Campbell



  • Jes Landau
  • Laura Demetriou
  • Traci Cox
  • Kaz Aylott
  • Wendy Pennington


Top Impact:  

Based on Event

  1. Kaz Aylott - $598.00 - Cocktails For A Cause
  2. Aleah James - $550.00 - Darkness to Light
  3. Courtney Blessing - $545.00 - Hope on the Hill Guild
  4. Laura Demetriou - $506.00 - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  5. Traci Cox - $489.00 - Five Acres
  6. Robin Rogers - $471.00 - Operation Coming Home Foundation Inc.
  7. Danielle Zopf - $452.00 - Addi's Foundation
  8. Janet Bailey - $441.00 - Operation Smile
  9. Mary Ann Natale - $435.00 - Bella Vita
  10. Christy George - $432.00 - Believe in Brooke Foundation


Top Sponsoring:

Number of Qualified CEOs Sponsored

  • 1 - Jes Landau - 31
  • 2 - Kaz Aylott - 19
  • 3 - Laura Demetriou - 18
  • 4 - Melaina Bjorklund - 16
  • 5 - Laurie Probsdorfer - 15
  • 6 - Kelly Smith - 14
  • 7 - Danielle Zopf - 12
  • 8 - Heather Sweeney - 11
  • 8 - Kendra Campbell - 11
  • 8 - Jaimie Adler - 11
  • 8 - Michael Krysko - 11
  • 9 - Erin Chamberlain - 10
  • 9 - Leigh Heckler - 10
  • 9 - Gina Heumann - 10
  • 9 - Diana Federico-Hau - 10
  • 9 - Ania Fiduccia - 10
  • 10 - Traci Cox - 9

Top Sales:

  1. Kaz Aylott - $127,850.00
  2. Laurie Probsdorfer - $91,328.00
  3. Jes Landau - $68,206.00
  4. Gina Heumann - $66,880.00
  5. Kelly Harrick - $62,992.00
  6. Jaimie Adler - $62,947.00
  7. Heather Sweeney - $62,263.00
  8. Melaina Bjorklund - $54,435.00
  9. Kelly Smith - $53,557.00
  10. Tracy Manning - $53,316.00


Leadership Development:

Number of Director Promotions

  • Jes Landau  - 4
  • Tracy Manning- 3
  • Kendra Campbell - 3
  • Laura Demetriou - 3
  • Kelly Smith - 3
  • Mike Krysko - 2
  • Traci Cox - 2
  • Jasmine Rinehart - 2
  • Marne Hanson - 2
  • Remy Dunphy - 2
  • Gina Heumann - 2
  • Louise Loehwing - 2


Given to a new CEO who hits Fast Start, is consistent every month, sponsors at least 12 qualified CEOs and promotes to Director

Leigh Heckler - Winner

Louise Loehwing - Finalist

Ana Fiduccia - Finalist



Voted on by the Community

Louise Loehwing

Mike Krysko



Jen Fescoe

Christy George

    John Elway & the Denver Broncos training camp experience!

    Want to join ONEHOPE and NFL legend John Elway at the Denver Broncos training camp for a once-in-a-lifetime experience? You're in luck!

    For a limited time, each purchase of 7Cellars Elway's Glass Collectible Reserve Grey Wood Box Duo entitles (1) person to attend a VIP Denver Broncos training camp experience! We have 250 sets with tickets available, so get yours before they’re gone!

    The CEO who sells the most 7Cellars Wood Box Duo will receive a special award... an autographed bottle from John Elway!


    The Wine

    7Cellars' initial offering is Elway’s Reserve, representing a unique collaboration between ONEHOPE, master winemaker Rob Mondavi, Jr. and football legend, philanthropist, and restaurateur John Elway.

    The ultimate collectible or gift, the set features one bottle of Elway’s Reserve Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and one bottle of Elway’s Reserve Carneros Chardonnay in a luxurious grey wood box with glass see-through panel. The Cabernet Sauvignon is a combination of dark fruits and delicate spiciness from carefully selected American oak barrels, while the Chardonnay is well-balanced, exhibiting crisp tropical fruit, apple and pear flavors with light floral elements. What’s more, every bottle helps veterans continue their service through disaster relief with Team Rubicon.


    The Experience

    The Denver Broncos training camp experience will take place on Saturday, July 28, 2018 from 8:30 am - 12:30 pm at UCHealth Training Center in Englewood, CO. Your training camp experience will include:

    • A meet & greet with General Manager/Executive Vice President of the Denver Broncos, John Elway
    • Watching the Denver Broncos live in action as they train for the upcoming NFL season!
    • 7Cellars wine tasting with light bites


    The Offer

    Your wood box duo gift set will be shipped directly to you upon purchase. Please ensure to enter your email address correctly upon purchase as your training camp experience ticket will be emailed 1 week prior for entry to the event. Please note (1) ticket is included with each gift set and (1) ticket per person is required for entry to the training camp experience. 250 gift sets are available -- once these are sold out, this training camp experience offer will no longer be available. No coupons, discounts or membership rewards points may be redeemed for purchase. Tickets for the training camp experience are non-refundable and non-transferable.


    We can’t wait to kick off an incredible experience together... go Broncos!

    Pencils of Promise Trip

    We've partnered with our cause partner Pencils of Promise to build a school in Guatemala! There are students currently learning in makeshift, overcrowded classrooms and are eagerly awaiting the build we're helping make happen.

    Thank you for your extraordinary support, and for helping us redefine what learning looks like for students around the world. Your warmth and generosity have transformed an ordinary classroom experience to one that is unlocking the promise of an entire generation of students.

    We are extremely excited to announce that you have an opportunity to be an even bigger part of this incredible experience. If you'd like the chance to earn a seat on one of the most meaningful trips you will ever take, you will need to take part in the raffle we're holding at CRUSH! In order to be eligible, you must:

    *Register and attend CRUSH 2018 (must be present to win)

    *Sell $1000 in PCV during the month of June 2018

    Each CEO who is in attendance at CRUSH and has $1000 in PCV for the month of June, will get 1 raffle entry (1 entry per CEO). The raffle will take place at Friday night's awards ceremony.

    **We do not know how many seats are available yet, but we will let you know as soon as we get confirmation from Pencils of Promise. This will be an all expenses paid trip (airfare included).

    Join in June Incentive

    • $200 cash bonus to those who sponsor a new CEO in June when that new team member goes on to sell $1000 PCV in their first 30 days.

    • This is an unlimited sponsoring incentive. If you recruit 5 new CEOs who achieve the criteria above, the sponsoring CEO will receive $1000 cash bonus.

    • Additionally, Sponsoring CEO and the recruit will each receive an additional raffle ticket for the Pencils of Promise trip (must be present at CRUSH to qualify)

    • To qualify, the recruit must have an enrollment day within June 2018 and sell $1000 PCV in their first 30 days.

    • Please note that this promotion will be tracked manually by Home Office, so please be aware that bonuses will be paid out through Paylution along with the first commission payment of the month in July and August.


    • Sponsor early and often. Are you a brand new CEO who has joined us in June? You are also eligible to build your teams and take advantage of this sponsoring incentive too

    VIA Impact Award Nominations

    Nominations now open for the VIA Impact Award

    It's time once again to send us your nominations for this year's VIA Impact Award winner! This very special honor given each year at CRUSH is voted on by you, the Community, to highlight, celebrate, congratulate, and applaud a fellow a CEO who embodies the core values and mission of ONEHOPE.

    The VIA Impact Award, also known as "The VIA" (get it?!), is given annually to the CEO who has made a significant impact on their peers, their community, and their world. The VIA Impact Award is given to someone who is selfless, positive, reliable, persevering, and mission-driven.


    Here is how we define these characteristics:

    Selfless: willing to help others without expectation of personal gain

    Positive: always seeing the glass as half full and looking for ways to solve problems

    Reliable: can always be counted upon to come through no matter what

    Perseverant: always seeking ways to grow, never giving up or giving in, and is consistent in action and purpose

    Mission-driven: caring about the cause, the community, doing good, and is always looking for ways to help others and make a difference in the world


    Please add your nominations here by June 15 at 10pm PST and Home Office will announce the recipient at CRUSH during dinner on Friday night. We look forward to hearing your input!


    **Reminder that additional awards presented at CRUSH are selected based on performance.

    CRUSH Saturday Lineup

    We wanted to give you a glimpse into what we are cooking up for you at CRUSH this year! Day two (Saturday) of CRUSH is all about learning and development. Our Training & Home Office team and many field leaders will be bringing some amazing training that you won’t want to miss!

    We have a Track for each level of skill: Track 1 is for all CEOs; Track 2 is for Senior CEOs and Directors; and, Track 3 is for Senior Directors and Higher. If you’ve registered for CRUSH, don’t forget to register for your Track

    Here’s our lineup:



    9:00 – 10:00  AM

    Track 1: Branding, Marketing & Developing Your Business

    Learn how to develop yourself using the tools provided to grow your ONEHOPE Business.


    Track 2: Selling to Make a Difference for Mentors

    Building your business strong to become a Director, or taking your business beyond Director, is all about balancing the two skill-sets: selling and sponsoring! We'll focus on the Growth Model that will help you build success!


    Track 3: The ONEHOPE Roundtable

    Kick off your day having coffee with ONEHOPE executives and senior leaders - learning about their vision for ONEHOPE and how their work makes a difference for viaONEHOPE.



    10:00 – 11:00 AM

    TRACK 1: Booking & Host Coaching for Greater Impact

    Booking events is the lifeline of your business, and host coaching is the most important step to ensure your bookings stick! Learn how to master this skill from two leaders who are among the best!


    Track 2:  Branding, Marketing & Developing Your Business

    Learn how to develop yourself using the tools provided to grow your ONEHOPE Business.


    Track 3: Reports & Business Drivers

    Learn how to use reports found in your back office, and know which numbers are the most important to help you grow your business and lead your teams!



    11:00  – 12:00 PM  – LUNCH & LEARN

    Track 1: SED Expert Panel

    In this breakout you will learn from a panel of 3 Senior Executive Directors (SED) on how to build a successful business viaONEHOPE.


    Track 2: Booking & Host Coaching for Mentors

    The 1st Key to Success is Booking, and when you have a team, it becomes even more important that you master this skill, modeling for your team. We'll share how to increase your income and your business by focusing on planning your bookings and tasting events.


    Track 3: Creating a ONEHOPE Impact Culture

    Create a culture that fosters growth! This is a high level training on creating a sponsoring mindset that will result in exponential growth on your teams.   



    12:00 – 12:45 PM

    Track 1: Selling to Make a Difference for CEOs

    In-home private tastings are the core of the business, and in this breakout we'll explore techniques to increase the local impact you can make while introducing additional ways to sell ONEHOPE.  


    Track 2: Working with Your Team

    Learn how to work with your team with communicating, recognizing and onboarding your new CEOs and guiding them throughout their journey!


    Track 3: Who is the ONEHOPE Leader?

    The ONEHOPE Leader understands the importance of mastering the 4 Keys to Success and duplicating their actions by having a strong personal business, and effectively developing their teams through coaching and mentoring.


    12:45 – 1:30 PM

    Track 1: What’s Your Impact?

    Define your purpose beyond CRUSH, putting into action all that you learned to create an Impact that will make a difference, helping you reach all your goals.


    Track 2: Inspiring Your Team Into Action

    What will you do when you leave CRUSH? This breakout will help you define your purpose and vision for your team, putting into action all that you learned to create an Impact and a team mission.


    Track 3: Planning for Future Impact

    What will you do when you leave CRUSH? This breakout will help you define your purpose and vision for your team, putting into action all that you learned to create an Impact and a team mission.


    1:30 – 2:00 PM – BREAK


    2:00 – 3:00 PM – Ballroom - General Session

    Jake Kloberdanz, CEO - Keynote and Close of CRUSH 2018

    Spring 2018 Pricing Updates

    Our new catalog will be released and reflected in your Back Office April 2! As a reminder, we have two gifting catalogs per year: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter editions. To order:

    • 25 catalogs - $20
    • 50 catalogs - $38
    • 100 catalogs - $70

    You will notice some price changes to a few wines with the release of the new catalog. Wine costs fluctuate over time due to a variety of factors including:

    • Import costs for international wines
    • Crop availability for domestic and international wines
    • Limited release on special world class wine AVA’s (American Viticultural Areas) with rare and distinct character
    • Small quantities with boutique winemaking methods

    When we're able to decrease price, it's because we've been able to negotiate a better price with our vendors and we’re passing the savings onto you and your customers!


    Glitter/Shimmer Updates:

    The popularity of our Shimmer Bottle has helped us achieve economies of scale, allowing us to lower the price from $49 to $39!

    We're excited to launch new Shimmer bottles that are better for the ice bucket, with a new coating featuring more density and shine. We’re also working on a Silver Shimmer Bottle and a few other exciting new color options. 

    We are phasing out the current Classic Sparkling Brut Glitter Bottles (the hand painted bottles). Celebration Brut will become the only option for hand glittered bottles. In an effort to help phase out the current hand painted Sparkling Brut, we’re delighted to reduce the price from $59 to $49 per bottle. We have enough inventory to last approximately through August 2018 before it will be discontinued.

    Please note that the Rainbow Glitter Bottle will remain at $59.

    In addition, the price of the Celebration Brut will be reduced from $69 to $59! We are delighted to offer a lower price on an exceptional quality of sparkling brut!


    Price changes in the April 2018 catalog are:

    + Edna Valley: Increasing from $24.99 to $34.99 // Case for a Cause upcharge is $15

    + French Rose: Increasing from $24.99 to $29.99 // Case for a Cause upcharge is $10

    + Sauced Gift Box : Increasing from $49 to $59

    + Woof Gift Crate: Increasing from $99 to $109

    + Wine and Cheese Party Crate: Increasing from $225 to $229

    - The Giving Keys Gift Box: Decreasing from $79 to $69

    - The Walker Gift Box: Decreasing from $79 to $69

    - Shimmer: Decreasing from $49 to $39

    - Glitter Sparking Brut: Decreasing from $59 to $49 (excluding Rainbow glitter) until inventory runs out 

    - Celebration Brut: Decreasing from $69 to $59


    Here's where we recommend placing your contact stickers on the new catalogue:


    Catalog_Sticker Placement_Pink-01.jpg
    Catalog_Sticker Placement_Pink-02.jpg
    Catalog_Sticker Placement_Pink-03.jpg
    Catalog_Sticker Placement_Pink-04.jpg

    Feb Host Incentive: CEO Instructions

    Host a qualifying event in February and get a free host appreciation gift! This free gift includes 1 charm bracelet, 1 wine key, and 1 bubble stopper (a $39 value!)

    To qualify, an event must be held and closed in February and have $300 or more in retail sales. The free host gift will be removed from the Host Rewards menu at 11:59 pm CST on February 28.

    See more information on the February Host Incentive HERE.

    Find sharables HERE.


    Important: CEO Instructions for Redeeming The Free Gift

    Please note that in order for your eligible February hosts to receive their free gift, you must add it to their Host Rewards order! To do so, please follow these instructions:

    Note: The steps below are the same as when you place any Host Reward Order.

    1. Login to your CEO Back Office

    2. Hover over Party Portal, then click on Party Portal in the drop-down menu

    3. Once on the party portal page, find the party you'd like to place the Host Rewards order under in the drop-down menu

    4. Once on the party page, scroll down to step 5

    5. Click on the blue Enter Host Order button

    6. Once on the Create Host Order page, scroll down to Step 4 and click the grey Redeem button

    7. Please type in SKU FEBGIFT and enter QTY: 1 to redeem the free gift. Continue with the usual steps to place the rest of your Host Reward Order:

    8. Scroll down and click the black View Eligible Products button, and find the product your Host would like to order

    9. Copy the SKU of the item and paste it in the SKU box on the Hostess Credit page and enter the quantity your host would like to order. 

    10. Once each SKU and quantity are entered on the Host Credit page, click the black Redeem Award button. 

    11. Then enter your host's credit card information

    12. Double check that everything is entered correctly, once verified, click on the blue Submit this Order to complete the order. 

    13. To ensure your host reward order is processed for shipment, make sure the party is closed.

    Wine Education for February

    Grape to Glass Virtual Wine Tasting | February 20 at 5pm PST / 8pm EST | Topic: Viva Italia

    Download sharable HERE.

    Join Director of Wine, Mari Wells Coyle, for an exclusive, informative and fun wine tasting webinar. Join LIVE on Tuesday, February 20 at 5pm PST/8pm EST on Zoom or dial in using the info below. Each webinar will be recorded and will be available in VIA U. 

    This month Mari will be discussing our Italian Pinot Grigio and Italian Prosecco and the food pairing will be mimosa popcorn! Watch the video below to see how to make this yummy pairing.


    Tuesday, February 20 at 5pm PST
    Topic: Viva Italia
    Wine: Italian Pinot Grigio & Italian Prosecco
    Pairing: Mimosa Popcorn
    Click this link to join: http://www.zoom.us/j/901-690-789
    Meeting ID: 901-690-789
    Dial-in: 646-558-8656 (audio only)


    Valentine's Day Promo

    Please note that the Valentine's Day shipping deadline is TODAY, Tuesday, February 6! The promotion will remain active through Valentine's Day (February 14) but the last day to order to have your gift delivered by Valentine's Day is today.


    Our Valentine's shop promotion is on! Through February 14, your customers will get 1 cent shipping on our Red Glitter Edna Valley Pinot Noir! This is a Storefront [viaonehope.com/your-url] promotion so it's not available for Party or CEO Personal orders. Please note our Valentine's Day shipping deadline is February 6! 

    How The Shipping Charge Works: The $0.01 shipping offer is per-bottle and only applies to the Red Glitter Bottle. So if you order two Red Glitter Bottles your shipping charge will be $0.02. If you order other wines or products at the same time as the Red Glitter Bottle, you will get charged regular shipping fees according to the weights of those other items. For example, if you order a gift item and a Red Glitter Bottle your shipping fee will be $10 ($0.01 for the Red Glitter Bottle and $9.99 for the gift item).

    Download sharables HERE.


    Register Today for CRUSH 2018!

    The moment you've been waiting for has arrived! We're delighted to announce CRUSH 2018 - Homegrown Heroes!!! Plan to join us in San Francisco, California July 13-14, 2018 for our 3rd annual conference. Early bird registration opens today for $199 with an added bonus of $200 in Reward Points when you register. With our 2018 theme, Homegrown Heroes, the next CRUSH conference will focus on inspiring ourselves to be heroes in our local communities and to celebrate the everyday heroes who are already making their mark. 

    Want to attend the CRUSH Leadership Retreat? We're planning 2 days of incredible fun and learning in Napa and at the Hilton on July 11th and 12th. 

    Hotel Room Booking Now Available

    You can now book your hotel room at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square! Book online here or call 1-800-445-8667 and reference group "OHC". 



    Leadership Retreat Incentive

    Earn Your Spot at the Leadership Retreat Incentive!

    Everyone has the opportunity to earn their way to the 2018 Leadership Retreat, which coincides with CRUSH. From January 1st through June 30th, you'll be earning points for some fun awards while on your way to Leadership Retreat. The Leadership Retreat is a 2 day event, starting with a fun filled day at ONEHOPE Winery and Estate 8 in Napa Valley. We'll have a barbeque and hang out by the pool as we enjoy teambuilding, inspiration and fun. Then, get ready to participate in high level leadership and business training on day 2 at the San Francisco Union Square Hilton Hotel. 

    How to Earn Points:
    • 1 point for every dollar of PCV
    • Earn 1000 points for each new recruit who goes on to sell $1000 during the incentive period
    • Promote to New Title for 1st time (points are 1x only, however they’re cumulative) first time ever, not earning period
            • Senior CEO = 500 points
            • Director = 1000 points
            • Senior Director = 2000 points
            • Executive Director = 4000 points
            • Senior Executive Director = 8000 points
    • Consistency for Maintaining Title:
            • Senior CEO = 500 points/month
            • Director = 1000 points/month
            • Senior Director = 2000 points/month
            • Executive Director = 4000 points/month
            • Senior Executive Director = 8000/month


    Tips from the Top Call on Earning the Leadership Retreat Incentive

    In case you missed the Tips from the Top call where we covered the Leadership Retreat Incentive, click through to watch the call recording HERE.

    Register Now: Spring Training Tour

    Spring 2018 Training Tour

    We look forward to welcoming you very soon at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, NV and the Marriott Downtown in Kansas City, MO. 

    Join us this Spring for in-person training and Sip & Share opportunity events. Download a shareable below to help get the word out to your prospects! The cost is $15 for CEOs and FREE for guests. Lunch will be included.

    Kansas City: February 10, 2018 - Marriott Downtown Kansas City - REGISTER NOW 

    Las Vegas: February 24, 2018 - Red Rock Resort Las Vegas - REGISTER NOW