Valentine's Day Promo

Please note that the Valentine's Day shipping deadline is TODAY, Tuesday, February 6! The promotion will remain active through Valentine's Day (February 14) but the last day to order to have your gift delivered by Valentine's Day is today.


Our Valentine's shop promotion is on! Through February 14, your customers will get 1 cent shipping on our Red Glitter Edna Valley Pinot Noir! This is a Storefront [] promotion so it's not available for Party or CEO Personal orders. Please note our Valentine's Day shipping deadline is February 6! 

How The Shipping Charge Works: The $0.01 shipping offer is per-bottle and only applies to the Red Glitter Bottle. So if you order two Red Glitter Bottles your shipping charge will be $0.02. If you order other wines or products at the same time as the Red Glitter Bottle, you will get charged regular shipping fees according to the weights of those other items. For example, if you order a gift item and a Red Glitter Bottle your shipping fee will be $10 ($0.01 for the Red Glitter Bottle and $9.99 for the gift item).

Download sharables HERE.