Spring 2018 Pricing Updates

Our new catalog will be released and reflected in your Back Office April 2! As a reminder, we have two gifting catalogs per year: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter editions. To order:

  • 25 catalogs - $20
  • 50 catalogs - $38
  • 100 catalogs - $70

You will notice some price changes to a few wines with the release of the new catalog. Wine costs fluctuate over time due to a variety of factors including:

  • Import costs for international wines
  • Crop availability for domestic and international wines
  • Limited release on special world class wine AVA’s (American Viticultural Areas) with rare and distinct character
  • Small quantities with boutique winemaking methods

When we're able to decrease price, it's because we've been able to negotiate a better price with our vendors and we’re passing the savings onto you and your customers!


Glitter/Shimmer Updates:

The popularity of our Shimmer Bottle has helped us achieve economies of scale, allowing us to lower the price from $49 to $39!

We're excited to launch new Shimmer bottles that are better for the ice bucket, with a new coating featuring more density and shine. We’re also working on a Silver Shimmer Bottle and a few other exciting new color options. 

We are phasing out the current Classic Sparkling Brut Glitter Bottles (the hand painted bottles). Celebration Brut will become the only option for hand glittered bottles. In an effort to help phase out the current hand painted Sparkling Brut, we’re delighted to reduce the price from $59 to $49 per bottle. We have enough inventory to last approximately through August 2018 before it will be discontinued.

Please note that the Rainbow Glitter Bottle will remain at $59.

In addition, the price of the Celebration Brut will be reduced from $69 to $59! We are delighted to offer a lower price on an exceptional quality of sparkling brut!


Price changes in the April 2018 catalog are:

+ Edna Valley: Increasing from $24.99 to $34.99 // Case for a Cause upcharge is $15

+ French Rose: Increasing from $24.99 to $29.99 // Case for a Cause upcharge is $10

+ Sauced Gift Box : Increasing from $49 to $59

+ Woof Gift Crate: Increasing from $99 to $109

+ Wine and Cheese Party Crate: Increasing from $225 to $229

- The Giving Keys Gift Box: Decreasing from $79 to $69

- The Walker Gift Box: Decreasing from $79 to $69

- Shimmer: Decreasing from $49 to $39

- Glitter Sparking Brut: Decreasing from $59 to $49 (excluding Rainbow glitter) until inventory runs out 

- Celebration Brut: Decreasing from $69 to $59


Here's where we recommend placing your contact stickers on the new catalogue:


Catalog_Sticker Placement_Pink-01.jpg
Catalog_Sticker Placement_Pink-02.jpg
Catalog_Sticker Placement_Pink-03.jpg
Catalog_Sticker Placement_Pink-04.jpg