Join in June Incentive

  • $200 cash bonus to those who sponsor a new CEO in June when that new team member goes on to sell $1000 PCV in their first 30 days.

  • This is an unlimited sponsoring incentive. If you recruit 5 new CEOs who achieve the criteria above, the sponsoring CEO will receive $1000 cash bonus.

  • Additionally, Sponsoring CEO and the recruit will each receive an additional raffle ticket for the Pencils of Promise trip (must be present at CRUSH to qualify)

  • To qualify, the recruit must have an enrollment day within June 2018 and sell $1000 PCV in their first 30 days.

  • Please note that this promotion will be tracked manually by Home Office, so please be aware that bonuses will be paid out through Paylution along with the first commission payment of the month in July and August.


  • Sponsor early and often. Are you a brand new CEO who has joined us in June? You are also eligible to build your teams and take advantage of this sponsoring incentive too