VIA Impact Award Nominations

Nominations now open for the VIA Impact Award

It's time once again to send us your nominations for this year's VIA Impact Award winner! This very special honor given each year at CRUSH is voted on by you, the Community, to highlight, celebrate, congratulate, and applaud a fellow a CEO who embodies the core values and mission of ONEHOPE.

The VIA Impact Award, also known as "The VIA" (get it?!), is given annually to the CEO who has made a significant impact on their peers, their community, and their world. The VIA Impact Award is given to someone who is selfless, positive, reliable, persevering, and mission-driven.


Here is how we define these characteristics:

Selfless: willing to help others without expectation of personal gain

Positive: always seeing the glass as half full and looking for ways to solve problems

Reliable: can always be counted upon to come through no matter what

Perseverant: always seeking ways to grow, never giving up or giving in, and is consistent in action and purpose

Mission-driven: caring about the cause, the community, doing good, and is always looking for ways to help others and make a difference in the world


Please add your nominations here by June 15 at 10pm PST and Home Office will announce the recipient at CRUSH during dinner on Friday night. We look forward to hearing your input!


**Reminder that additional awards presented at CRUSH are selected based on performance.