The ONEHOPE Wine Club is a quarterly, curated wine shipment program that will be available to your event customers starting October 1, 2017. The ONEHOPE Wine Club will offer an exclusive customer experience including special pricing, educational and seasonal content, plus additional goodies!

how will the wine club work?

The Wine Club will be a product only available in your Party Catalog, similar to how the Case for a Cause is only available in the Party Catalog. To sign up a wine club member, you will place the order for your customer through the party catalog in your back office, similar to the way you enter all other orders.

The first order is eligible for your event's 10% donation!



The Wine Club will ship once per quarter and each curated shipment will contain different wines, supplemental materials, and goodies. The date the customer’s Wine Club ships depends on the date the customer signed up. For example, if the customer signed up on October 15, 2017 they will receive the Q4 shipment immediately. The next shipment, for Q1, will ship on January 15, 2018 (3 months later).


What are the wine club options?

6-Bottle Club: a mix of red, white, and sparkling wines* including at least two bottles from the Reserve+ tiers. 
Price: $129 + $20 Shipping

12-Bottle Club: 2x each bottle featured in the 6-Bottle Club
Price: $199 + $20 Shipping

*Sparkling wine inclusion will be subject to inventory levels


how can customers change or cancel their wine club membership?

Customers will need to call or email viaONEHOPE support to cancel their Wine Club membership or to switch to a new Club option.
(866) 983-2266 |

Our customer support team will just need the CUSTOMER’S ORDER NUMBER, which they should receive via email after placing their initial order. Once our support team has the initial order number, they will be able to access the customer’s account to cancel or switch the Club Option.


will customers be reminded before their shipment goes out?

Yes. Customers will receive an email notification a couple of days before their shipment goes out. Please make sure that we have been given the customer’s correct email address so we can help ensure that they receive these notification emails.

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