Your First Tasting

Follow the steps below to schedule your first tasting event and start making an impact. Everything you need for your first tasting event can be found in your starter kit, plus you can pay yourself back for your starter kit with just one event!

As you continue to coordinate and/or host events, you will find that booking is the first fundamental building block to a successful business, and for good reason! When your calendar is filled with tasting events and fundraisers, you are profitable, having fun, and making an impact viaONEHOPE! Find the steps to booking on this page.

Steps to a Successful Tasting

Step 1:  Set a Date

Schedule your first tasting event within two weeks of your start date to maximize your rewards while you're within the Fast Start Program, which is during your first 60 days of becoming a CEO. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3... Pick a date, choose a location, and determine your cause of choice.

Don't worry about finding the "perfect" date. Not everyone will be able to attend your tasting event - and that's ok! Pick a date that works for you and your family, and start there.


Step 2:  Spread the Word

Once your have your date and time, create an invitation and begin to share the good news - you're in business! Spread the word beyond family and friends to maximize results. Print and fill out the WINENOT List to help you brainstorm people you know within different social circles. You'll want to invite at least 40 people so you have 15 people in attendance.

Encourage those who can't attend to order online through your Party Link URL. It's also the perfect opportunity to book a tasting with them! Since they won't be able to partake in the fun at your first tasting event, encourage them to host their own event, where they can mix, mingle, and make an impact.


Step 3:  Get Ready

It's the day of your first tasting event - hooray! Keep it casual and simple: lay out the materials, chill the white wine, and prep a couple simple snacks. We recommend something sweet, like chocolate, and something savory, like cheese (mmm, brie).

Be sure to have your catalogs and order forms ready to go, along with a few of the host planners (for those future event hosts) and opportunity brochures (for those fabulous folks who may want to join the movement).

Check out the Event 101 page of VIA U for even more tips on how to make your event a success!


Step 4:  Wrap It Up

Congratulations on a fabulous event - high fives all around! Be sure to input orders in your Back Office within 24 hours, so your guests don't wait too long to receive their wine shipment. Also mark your calendar for two weeks from now, when you will submit the charitable donation and close your tasting event.

Event Items Checklist

All set for your first event? Be sure to remember the following items for a successful tasting!

  • Starter Kit Wines (at least 6 Core Collection varietals - throw in a few Reserve bottles for more variety!)
  • Catalogs
  • Host Planners
  • Opportunity Brochures
  • viaONEHOPE Folder
  • Clipboard
  • Order Forms
  • Pens
  • Wine Key
  • Smart Neckers
  • Wine Pourers
  • Ice Bucket (optional)
  • Gift Set (optional)
  • Tablecloth (optional)
  • Plastic Cups (optional)
  • Event Pricing Sheet
  • Featured Wine List

The 3 Steps to Booking

There are three simple steps to booking and booking up your calendar, which means you have profitable, thriving business! Let's dive in...



Use your #WINENOT List to brainstorm people who know who would be interested in gathering together some friends and family for a wine tasting or fundraiser event.

  • Who goes on the list? Think of people who...
    • love great wine
    • get together regularly with friends
    • volunteer and give back
    • enjoy entertaining and hosting parties
  • Also consider the "FRANK" acronym when brainstorming your list...
    • Friends
    • Relatives
    • Associates/Acquaintances
    • Neighbors
    • Kids' Parents/Contacts 



Turn the names on your list into hosts and prospects by sharing the ONEHOPE mission. Send a short, sincere email or text to the people you are warming up. Be straight to the point and let them know why you're reaching out. Mailing out catalogs with a personal note is also a great way to warm up someone on your contact list, and people appreciate receiving items in the mail!

  • In your email, explain why you're reaching out. Examples of this include:
    • I thought of you because... (cold lead/general)
    • I hope you're enjoying your wine (follow-up to event customer)
    • I noticed you're involved in a charitable cause (fundraising focus)
    • Would love to help you fundraise for your child's school (fundraising focus)
    • I'd love to offer to do a wine tasting event for you and your friends (acquaintance)



As the saying goes, the fortune really is in the follow-up! Don't rely solely on email or text messages for this part. A phone call or face-to-face meeting goes a long way and will help you be more efficient in booking. Set aside some time for this important step. We suggest one hour of time is enough time to call 10-20 people on your list.

Feeling nervous about calling, or don't know what to say? Here are some tips:

  • Stop thinking and get back to center; be you and be authentic!
  • Write down what you'd like to say and refer to your script when needed

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